Our loving, faithful, funny family friend, you have been our pal for so long and it’s hard to imagine life without you.
Till we meet on rainbow bridge
RIP sweetheart
Always in our hearts
Your loving family

The Baileys xxx

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Poppy Hind 2nd of July 2010 – 18th January 2018

Our beautiful little schnauzer. She was taken far too soon, and she will never be forgotten. Go chase those pigeons poppy, and I’ll see you again. We love you and will never stop loving you.

Godspeed Doggo ❤

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Frankie pug 18/02/14 – 20/01/18

Chris made a heartbreaking occasion into a thoughtful peaceful moment. Such respect and warmth shown to us and our dearly loved Frankie.
At peace now
Thank you
Ken and Deb Todd

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Socks aged 10

Socks Will also be missed by us all and I’m sure she will be running rings around the big lad as she always did love always
Mum, Terry, Jayne, Kennedy and Taylor

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Sam aged 14

Sam will be so missed by us all. He gave us 14 years of love and loyalty and was a major part of our family.

Miss you always big lad
Love mum, dad, Taylor, Kennedy

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Archie, I’ll beloveds border collie left it was unexpectedly. Very much loved dog and faithful companion, always by your side. I miss his wet nose nudging my hand for attention. A typical collie – no sheep to heard – he channel this Inbred trait to keeping the cats in check.
Sleep tight Archibald – we miss you so so much.
Mum, dad, Owen, Simone, Meemy, grandad, darling, Tigger and Eddie

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Bryn Huttley aged 7

The most beautiful gentle loving Staffie was taken away from us well before his time.
Brought so much happiness into our lives
You will be missed greatly, and massive void has been left

All our love dad, mum, Tom and Jack

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Becky Perry

Also known as the Beckster, becky boo, BecBec and Beckalanoo!
Missing you so very much
Mum, dad, Joseph, Bethany and Charlie pepper and clover
Beckster, always wagging her tail and the 1st to welcome you home.

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Harvey age 14 – Amanda and Anthony Turner

Our hearts are broken into 1000 pieces.
Think we will never see your handsome face again is unbearable.
We’ll never see you pinching apples off the tree or tripping us up for a treat, but the memories we have will live on forever and you will live in our hearts forever.
You one of the nicest natured dogs we have ever known and we want to thank you all the love, laughs and times we had with you.

Until we meet again my beautiful boy, sleep tight
Mum, dad, Joe, Carly, Adam, Noah, Gabby xxx
PS Noah said you have gone to the stars with the lion in Lion King.

You truly were man’s best friend, always by my side since the day you arrived in that tiny box on my 10th birthday. With all my love,

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Lexi aged 9 and 3/4

When the end was drawing near
It was hard to fight back the tears
I wanted you to know how much you meant to me
As I laid your head upon my knee
I love you more than you could know
I tried not to let my sadness show
You will always be my baby girl
The greatest dog in the whole wide world
As God took you away from me
He did a kind deed and set you free
Free from distress and free from pain
And amazing gift heaven will gain
In truth we will never part
For you will take with you a piece of my heart

You will never be forgotten and you will be love eternally

Until we meet again
All my love


You were a great dog, love you loads, see you on the other side.
Love grandma

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