Within this section is a range of tailored products that we offer that allow you to remember your beloved pet in your own way.

Please contact us directly for further information and prices.

Jewellery & Keepsakes

The Truly Treasured collection are hand crafted pieces that have the ability to hold a small amount of cremated ash. Each piece includes a 20” rolo style chain ( where applicable ) and can include custom engraving.

Heart Dangle Bracelet

 Companion Paw Heart

Companion Cylinder

Companion Memory Heart

Companion Always Heart

Heart With Wings

Jewelled Round

Always Heart

Bangle Bracelet With Charm


 Double Heart

Embossed Star


Leather Bracelet

Rope Cross


Tree Of Life

We work along side Sheffield based silversmith Dawn Rowbotham to produce jewellery that couldn’t be any more personal and unique to your pet.

Your pets Pawprint is gently taken using a non-toxic wipe and reactive paper, this is then miniaturised and imprinted into solid silver. At the same time a small amount of ash is carefully encased into the silver in such a way that insures that they are captured forever and your jewellery.

Dawn works with great care using precise pawprints – so that each piece is totally unique and special to you allowing the memory of your precious pet to be with you always.

The range includes pendant, earrings, cufflinks, charms, beads and stud earrings.

Urns & Caskets

Carved Sleeping Cats

Casket Chester Range

Casket Eden Range

Casket Arun

Casket Lindfield Range

Casket Classic Range

Cast on Book Casket

Cast Book

Cast Greyhound

Cast French Bulldog

Cast Border Collie

Cast Boxer

Cast Bog With Bone

Cast German Sheppard

Cast Cat Contented

Cast Guinea Pig

Cast Jack Russel

Cast Labrador

Cast Ridgeback

Cast Cat

Message Tags

Black Marble Urn

Tribute Box

Tribute Heart

Tribute Serenity Urn


Old Flatts Farm are proud to be working alongside artist Steven Mott.
Steven is an exceptional artist who specialises in pet/ animal portraits with a hypo-realistic feel.
Living in Dinnington, Stephen works from home using photographs of your cherished pet to produce these stunning bespoke portraits. For a truly unique lasting memory.
You can choose between colour or black-and-white.
Each portrait comes mounted and framed and are produced in two different sizes, 10 x 8 or A4.
Each piece takes around 5 to 6 weeks to complete, so please be patient but everyone is totally unique and individual.

Please see some examples belowFor more information or to place an order, please contact us via the contact page or by phone

One of the most common keepsakes I’m asked for by pet owners are paw prints – We’ve teamed up with local art and craft genius Claire Hale to produce these bespoke paw related keepsakes.
Choose from a “Paw relief “ “Paw cast” or “Paw cast with hearts”
All pieces are individually produced and are the actual print/cast of your cherished pet, so are totally unique.
Choose between a black or white box frame and all include a 3D hand made name plaque.