Our beautigul boy Oscar,a small dog with a huge personality
Your passing has taken a piece of our hearts with you that can never be replaced.Not a day goes by that we dont miss or think about you
We will always remember the fun times we shared with you,
Max really misses his “book-end” friend,he is lost without you by his side,seems strange at home without you although he  is enjoying the extra cuddles and treats he once shared with his pal.!
You have left such a huge hole in our lives but small consolation is that you DID know how much you are loved and we have shared many happy years of memory making together.
The sadness we feel cannot really be put into words Oscar but we do feel honoured and special that you chose our family to share your life with , Thankyou from us all
What an adventure it has been!
Love you
Jane , Bryn, Tom and Dan, Max (woof )